eintrinsic co.

eintrinsic weblog works on introduce basic concept of electronics for those hobbyists, enthusiast, makers and students. We provide printed circuit board fabrication service as well in affordable price.

eintrinsic is our name, but how about co. that following after eintrinsic? Well, it doesn’t mean anything, we are not corporate, collaboration or coconut, we are just trying to sound cool…erm..yea we admit it is not cool at all, but we just like it :p

We hope to attract those who really want to do some electronics stuff but totally no idea how to start it. We love to help people. YA, we are good guys. However if you find any mistakes in the articles we shared, or you have ideas to share with us, please feel free to contact us and let us learn and grow together!

This is the time we can build a great idea with least support from professional.

(We have Google!).

This is the time we can do without limit our imagination.

(But please don’t do anything harm yourself or others).

This is the time we can create our own future without waiting.

( Stop playing your phone and start DIY!).

This is our time.

(But time is relative to each other, I’m not sure your time is equivalent with mine.) :p




whatapss+6011-2812 5043

Enjoy your visit.



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