Generate Gerber Files

  • Gerber files is open 2D binary vector image file format.
  • These files are commonly and widely use by PCB industry to describe board images, solder masks, copper layers for the purpose to fabricate board from software.
  • After layout is completed and user needs to generate gerber and drill files for production.
  • From Kicad’s Pcbnew, click “File” and then select “Plot“.
  • A windows will pop up.


  • Click the options as illustrated picture above, then click “Plot“.
  • After the gerber files are generated, click “Generate Drill File“. Another windows will pop up.


  • Select the options and click “Drill File” and “Map File“.
  • Now user can send their files to fabricate the board through their favorite vendor.
  • eintrinsic co. has special service for students to fabricate their board in lower volume and lower price (as low as RM16 per piece).
  • Click the link below for further details.


Simple PCB Express



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