Pinguino Pins Mapping

  • Pinguino developers redefined pins mapping of supported PIC microcontroller.
  • Different PIC has different pins mapping, please check on official website for your device.
  • For tutorial demonstration, we use PIC18F4550 as main device for our board.


  • As we can see in the diagram, the physical pin of the chip no.33 is Pin 0 for Pinguino.
  • So when we program Pin 0 in Pinguino, it is referring to Pin 33 of the chip. Therefore, component like LED must connected to physical pin 33 when you program pin 0 in your firmware.
  • Firmware example:
void setup()
// Configure Pin 0 as Output.
pinMode(0, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  • For demonstration purposes, we re-use board design from KiCAD tutorial. This board is definitely bad design as we originally just want to show a simple demo board for board fabrication service.
  • But however it is basically working and suitable for demonstration and not for sale as a product.
  • Here the pin mapping of this board.